Life is a journey, and I have been on one hell of a ride. From the ups and the downs, the twists and turns to heartache and love. Everything happens for a reason and I am here to write it all out.

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I have learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way and I love to share new and fun little adventures that I am embarking on.
I have been struck with paralysis, told I would never walk again.....and I did. I suffered from debilitating seizures that I thought would kill me and I found answers.

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I have this crazy love for the outdoors. Hiking, camping, and exploring new places. I'm constantly on the search for waterfalls and caves and little hide away spots, Welcome to my world where i am Living, learning, and loving this beautiful thing we call life.

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7 reasons hiking is perfect for women in their 40"s

7 Reasons Hiking is perfect for women in their 40’s

Hiking for women 7 Reasons Hiking is perfect for women in their 40’s   -This post contains affiliate links, i may get a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from here, as much as i would love to quit my job and write full time these commissions are only able to keep this website up and running.   I have been hiking for as long as I can remember. It all started as a kid in Girl Scouts. Those were some of the best days of my life. Hiking then vs. now in my 40’s is quite different. Hiking at 40 and the Benefits Let’s face it, life is busy for most when you are in your 40’s. You have your home life, kids, school functions, significant others, animals, and family commitments. You have your work life stresses, living by a calendar […]

Hiking for beginners – How I planned my first hiking adventure

Hiking For Beginners .. -This post contains affiliate links, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from here. As much as I would love to quit my job and write full time these commissions are only able to keep this website up and running.   hiking means walking outdoors on a trail, or off trail, for recreational purposes. How I Planned My First Hiking Adventure The plan It all starts with a plan. What should you consider? This is the list that quickly races through my head. What is most important? What is the weather like outside? Am I safe to be alone, even with my favorite challenger, Charlie Brown? The number one thing that is the most important…. Water! I can not say that loud enough. Above anything else, it is the single most important thing that you […]


When God….Takes A Walk Through Your Life

When God Takes A Walk Through Your Life

I have made a complete and total recovery

after riding that bull and receiving a full compression fracture in my back. I’m walking, I’m back to doing all of the things that I love. I wore that “turtle shell” back brace for four and a half months. I had three very long months of physical therapy. I truly dislike physical therapy, its painful, and hard to see the results on a daily basis. It takes time, time that I never thought I would need. I never realized the amount of time needed for my body to heal. I put in the time, I made the investment in my body and it paid off. […]

what i learned at 21 vs 41

What I learned at 21 vs. 41

What I learned at 21 vs. 41   At 21 years old I lived in a little apartment in Huntington Harbor. I had me myself and I to think of. That’s it. Not because there was no one else to consider, but the fact that I was only 21 played a huge role in the fact that I only really thought of myself. I only did for myself, I only took care of myself, and I only needed for myself. At 21 I worked as a waitress in a little diner where I made minimum wages plus tips. My rent was $600.00 my total bills were a little over $200.00 dollars and the rest was gravy. My car was paid for (thanks dad) my insurance was paid for every month by my father and any other major hiccups would always be handled and taken care of by […]

By the time i was 25 i was already a wife and a mom

By the time I was 25…

By the time I was 25 years old, I was a wife and a mom. I had made it back from France, I had completed dental school and become a dental assistant and doing my best to find the new version of myself. Through all of it I felt like I had lost myself. I had the best gift in the world, a little boy named Mitchell; born on Christmas Eve, and for some reason, felt completely alone. I knew I needed to make some changes, but I also knew that I had a 10 month old little boy to take care of now, and with the decisions that I knew I needed to make, I was going to be raising my little boy all by myself. This is about the time that I started realizing how going to France to take care of that little boy […]


I turned 27, and life turned towards me…..

I turned 27, and life turned towards me….. I had an almost 3 year old son and I felt like I was finally getting my groove back. Mitchell was finally old enough that it wasn’t such a bid deal to ask my mom or dad to watch him for an evening. It did not consist of  the diaper bag, extra clothes, extra diapers. The bottles, stroller, play pin..and everything else that goes along with a baby. He was fun, he could talk a little, he just wanted to make you laugh and be helpful. It was a really exciting time for my mom and dad to bond with him and they did. That little boy had my father so wrapped tight around his little finger it could easily make you melt to see the adoration that Mitchell had for my father. My dad, this big, strong, tough, […]

I will remember this….

I will remember this moment in my life as one of the best.

I was 27 years old. Mitchell is now three. I was working at a pretty “big name” law firm. Working towards a corporate career. Finally I was comfortable in my own skin, being a single mom and had my routine down. I was as happy as I could remember and in a very good place. […]